Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting & Sign Lighting Repair

Specializing in commercial parking lot lighting repair and maintenance, offering service to:

  • Commercial Property Owners & Property Managers.

  • Retail Centers and Restaurants.

  • Office and Industrial Parks.

  • Residential Homeowner Associations.

  • Churches.

Services include:

  • Head or Pole Replacement and Upgrades.

  • New Installations.

  • Routine Maintenance, Re-lamp, Re-ballast.

  • Repair to Sign Lighting.

  • After Hours Service Available.

If you own or manage a property with a parking lot, you already know that one of your biggest concerns is safety:

  • Nothing is more imperative for a parking lot than visibility.

  • When a parking lot is poorly lit, patrons may feel unsafe walking to their cars and drivers may not see a low barrier or object.

  • Don’t leave the safety of your customers, tenants or patrons to chance, instead call the pros at GSW Electric.